Wesley South Springtime

Spring Newsletter 2018

To all of our new residents, we welcome you with open arms! If you are new to the area and need some general information, please do not hesitate to contact the leasing office. We are always happy to help!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

We’ll be coming around to power wash the buildings and add more landscaping soon. Help us make your home shine!

Grilling Season Is Here! Remember:

  • Grills cannot be stored on sidewalks or on common areas and…
  • Must be at least 10 feet from the building when in use
  • Gas grills must be stored with the tank disconnected and removed
  • Please allow coals from grill to cool before disposing in dumpsters
  • Do not dispose of coals on grass or in the pine straw

We Love Our Furry Residents

Please remember to clean up after your pets and to always use a leash when out walking the property.

Renewal Reason #1: Moving Stinks!

DON’T FORGET—if your lease expires July 20th, the last day of your 90-day notice period is April 20th. We hope you will renew your lease! Please let the office know what your plans are as soon as possible.